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Sometime in 2000,my colleague ver Lyn klinkenborg started bringing his MAC laptop to our new York times editorial board meetings . the rest of us woork2000年的一天,我的同事福林奥克林伯格带着自己的苹果笔记本电脑开始参加《纽约时报》编辑委员会。一看到这个东西,其他人立刻看到黄土走上前来,环顾这台酷酷的背光和圆光滑的白色电脑,不知道福林是否真的不知道要用它工作。(威廉莎士比亚,温斯顿,工作)()有些同事上大学的时候也用苹果电脑,大学时没有做过可怕的事情的人是谁?was an apple really fit for a workplace?Ver Lyn assured us that it was no toy,And that his MAC could do all the things ours could-the mix of surfing,emailing,And pontificatingver Lyn claimed that his apple was not susceptible to thothoo Ruses that plagued our land of " wintel," and I wanted to believe him . I too bougging "苹果电脑真的很有能力,福林向我们保证它不是玩具。



Fast forward to 2015,when The novelty would be for someone at a meeting to take out a laptop that isn ' t an apple . and,somehow,The cach随着时间的流逝,苹果也保持了其独特性。仍然想在大众化和趋势引导之间走钢丝,占据前者,同时不牺牲后者。the company recently announced the most profitable quarter in u . s . corporate history,A three-month period in which it sold almost 75 million最近,苹果公布了美国公司历史上盈利最高的会计季度,在过去3个月里卖出了约7500万部iphone和550万部Mac。

因此,CEO蒂姆奥库克、史蒂夫奥乔布斯作为踏实的继任者,在季度电话会议上不能称之为本赛季的“历史意义”。公司业绩3354“难以置信”,每周7天,每天24小时,每小时销售34,000部iphone 3354部,苹果目前是世界上价值最低的公司,市值约7000亿美元,现金1800亿美元。itunes商店享有8亿活跃用户。

What's most astonishing,given those numbers,is that apple is far less ubi quitous than you might think . It has plenty of room to groom It mat这些数字这么大,但最让人目瞪口呆的是,苹果产品和普通人想象的一样普遍。(阿尔伯特爱因斯坦,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧))它仍然有相当旺盛的空间,本质上,它可能刚刚赶上。 if you look at its existing product lines,Apple only dominates the table t market . the competing Android operating system runs more than two-thite思想全世界三分之二的智能手机都配有Android操作系统。苹果在全球电脑销量中排在第五位,在美国市场中也排在第三位。

苹果还可以从输到抢相当大的市场份额。apple ' s growth strategy is disciplined . the company doesn ' t slash prices or create subpar products to meet less affluent consumers in halfway .不拿走设计精美的昂贵产品,也不会成为突出新兴中产阶级消费者渴望的身份的象征物。(威廉莎士比亚,温斯顿,价格名言)Apple is only starting to wade into an array of markets That it will likely revolutionize,and dominate,in short苹果进军新兴市场的步伐才刚刚开始。

很有可能在短时间内完全改变或支配这些市场。能沦落为全能电子钱包的Apple Pay是强大的开始。HomeKit、CarPlay、iBeacon和Apple Watch等羽翼未丰的项目清楚地表明,苹果获得了未说明的最终目标——端口或操作系统,将你的苹果设备与你的汽车和住宅相关联。

(大卫亚设、Northern Exposure(美国电视剧)、Northern Exposure(美国电视剧)No other company is anywhere near being able to match apple in print没有一家公司能像苹果一样无缝地连接我们的生活。意大利小说家安伯托奥艾可在20世纪90年代曾说过苹果像天主教,信徒不能遵循不道德的方式,但微软(现在Google也可以说)更显得新教。

信徒们可以用更多的方法得出自己的结论,自己组织。and so apple ' s prospects appear brighter than ever . its own success would seem to be the only threat to a company that has billed itself as the sest unddthere in lies the company ' s existential challenge 3360 can apple remain cool is E the one indispensable means of controlling your life and communics有鉴于此,苹果的前景似乎比以往任何时候都更加光明。

该公司曾多次主张自己是斗志旺盛的失败者。老大主张“想要别的”,但现在过于顺利是唯一的威胁。 苹果目前面临的挑战是,如果苹果的产品沦为控制我们生活和与他人联系不可缺少的手段,会有那么酷吗?I reached out to ver Lyn,who now teaches at Yale,to ask whether he ' s still inhabiting the apple ecosystem . he is,And his disgust at his但是他与即将上市的苹果Watch划清了界限。“我根本没戴手表,也想象不到现在戴。