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【im体育】there is a new substance that is harder than diamond。its called Q- carbon,and it was created by researchers at north Carolina state unive The only place it may be found in The natural world would研究论文的第一作者杰纳拉小姐在声明中表示:“在自然中,只有在特定行星的核心才能找到这种物质。”Before its discovery,there were two distinct forms of solid carbon : graphite and diamond . Q-carbon is not only harder than diamond But此功能尤其仅限于电子设备柔软黑暗的显示器生产。researchers created the q-carbon by blasting material covered in amorphous carbon(I . E . carbon without a crystalline结构)然后加热材料,获得Q碳或破钻。


该冲模可用于制造医疗微型针头或生产能经受极端高温的工业电子元件。and it is all done at room temperature and at ambient atmosphere-were basically using a laser like the ones used for laser eye surgery,narayay“这是”所以我们以后不仅可以开发这种物质的新用途,而且研发成本也很低。